Pre-Alpha 1.0.2 (August 23, 2020)

The topic of this update is SERVER UPDATE

Game mechanism update:

1. Corruption no longer spawns phantom wings during the day, and reduces the chance of skeleton gunner spawning.
2. The bloody skeleton no longer ignites spontaneously in the sun.
3. Now the newly created player and world names can only consist of letters, numbers, underscores, and spaces.
4. Now the newly created world no longer allows players who do not meet the appeal naming convention to enter. (Old world are still allowed)
5. In the old server world, you can enter format and noformat to restrict whether players who do not meet the appeal naming convention are allowed to enter.
6. Now the server will ignore the use of illegal character naming conventions to save the data of players.
7. Added heartbeat detection, the server will forcefully remove players who are disconnected for 20 seconds.
8. Added the Account Management System(AMS). Players need to register or login before joining the server. Enter uselogin and stoplogin to turn on or off the system.
9. The hardness of nether bricks and red nether bricks has been reduced from 200 to 100.
10. Now the ghast's fireball can only destroy blocks with a hardness of 100 and below, and blocks such as cobblestone will not be destroyed.
11. Now the sound of eating will use Minecraft's eating sound effect.
12. Discord link button has been added to the title.
13. The option of customizing the number of threads for transferring chunks has been added to the configure server on the server homepage. Please select the appropriate number of threads according to the server performance.
14. Revised Steve's skin tone.

BUG fix:

1. Fixed possible server crashes caused by one-click sorting of items using abnormal means.
2. Fixed possible server crash due to an empty array of strings.
3. Fixed possible server crashes caused by forced execution of UI operations under high latency.
4. Now if you forcefully place furniture, it will forcefully clear all the covered furnitures and tiles, instead of crashing the server.
5. Fixed the bug of door moving caused by mouse clicks under high latency.
6. Fixed the bug that the door moving caused the server to crash.
7. Fixed the bug of packet errors in most cases.
8. Fixed the bug that the log file was not recorded in time.
9. Fixed the bug that pressing SHIFT on the anvil result slot would cause the item to disappear.
10. Fortune and Silk Touch enchantments no longer appear in the same tool.
11. Fixed the bug where the enchanting table level was incorrect. At least 4 bookshelves are now required to reach level 30 enchantment.
12. Enchanting guns and electricity tools is no longer allowed.
13. Fixed the bug where the respawn point would spawn the mobs at the dead location after death.
14. Fixed the bug where ice cubes generated by Frost Walker would cause covered furniture to disappear.
15. Fixed the bug that some projectiles such as the Blaze Fireball would become invisible when cross from the platform.
16. Fixed some text translation errors.

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