Pre-Alpha 1.0.1 (August 5, 2020)

Game mechanism update:

1. the cutting time of grass axe reduced from an average of 15 seconds to an average of 9 seconds.
2. Hunger speed increased to 4 times.
3. Now the crafting table, enchanting table, and anvil items will be automatically put into the backpack after the interface is closed, and will be thrown out as drops only when the backpack is full.
4. The monster spawning cycle of the forest boime has been increased from 8.33 seconds to 10.66 seconds.
5. All small flowers and small grasses can no longer be destroyed with weapons.
6. The inertia coefficient of the player is reduced, and the free deceleration is increased to 1.5 times the original.
7. Removed the sx and sy parameters in the debug interface.
8. The density of diamond mines has been increased from 100 veins per chunk to 130 veins, and the vertical generation area has been changed from (2000, 2560) to (1800, 2560).
9. The frequency of ghast firing has been reduced from 2 seconds per shot to 4 seconds per shot.
10. Now there is a 100% chance that the furnace will drop its contents if it is destroyed by an explosion or player mining.
11. Added more JOJO stalks.
12. Now the server can turn on or off the damage between players by typing pvp and nopvp commands, the default is on.
13. Now the server can turn off or turn on the explosion protection mode by typing blow and noblow commands. The default is off.
14. It is no longer allowed to put non-equipment items in the equipment slot and appearance slot.
15. The damage of the grenade has been increased from 3 to 5.
16. Intelligent mining mode is no longer effective for torches.
17. Shulker’s attack interval has been reduced from 1 round per 1 second to 1 round per 2 seconds.
18. Added a backpack trash can, press the Z button to quickly put items in the trash can for destruction.
19. Added log system.
20. A large number of assertions have been added to the server. The server owner should send a screenshot of the assertion information to the developer skyblueyoshi after the server crashes and submit the latest log report.
21. A backup mechanism is added to the saver. If the saver is damaged, the last successfully opened backup will be read.
22. Now 16 wooden arrows can be crafted using 1 iron ingot.
23. Added pigling skin.
24. Added the first male skin: Steve.
25. Fixed the problem that the player's arm has incorrect textures.
26. The server has added players command to view the list of all online players, as well as IP and port numbers.
27. A kick command has been added to the server to kick the designated player.
28. The kickall command was added to the server to kick all players.
29. The banip command was added to the server, which can kick out the players with the specified ip and no longer allow login to the server.
30. The nobanip command was added to the server, which can restore the access rights of the specified ip from the blacklist.
31. The blacklist command was added to the server to view all current banned IPs.
32. The growth time of the saplings has doubled.
33. The client has added the /kill command, which can be used to quickly return to the respawn point by suicide.
34. Added prompts for how to play and the tip of how to use the trash can.

BUG fix:

1. Fixed the problem that the blood arrow cannot continue to attack after being poisoned.
2. Corrected part of the wrong translation text.
3. Now drowned and phantoms will not be ignited during the day.
4. Enemies are no longer ignited in the water.
5. The crafting recipe of bronze ingots changed to 3 copper ingots and 1 tin ingot for crafting.
6. Part of the stability of the server has been enhanced, and some possible crashes of the server have been fixed. (Causes of collapse: 1. Putting non-durable items in the equipment slot, and an error occurred when the durability was lost. 2. Switching items in a high-latency state when using tools. 3. Other reasons caused the acquisition of tool attributes for ordinary items.)
7. Fixed the bug where possible mining damage caused the block entity content to disappear.
8. Fixed the bug that some items would be lost when digging and destroying boxes.
9. Bad world saves are now ignored, instead of crashing the game.
10. Fixed the bug that the death interface appeared in the menu interface.
11. Fixed the bug where right-clicking on the crafting result slot would cause half of the item to be lost.
12. Fixed the bug of spawning monsters on the screen in multiplayer mode.
13. Fixed the bug that some possible savers could not be read. (Regenerate version.dat file)
14. Fixed the bug that the door was destroyed without falling item when it was opened.
15. Platforms can no longer be placed as walls.
16. Fixed the bug that running water could not destroy torches.
17. Now when exiting the game, the items in the mouse and the items in the crafting slot will be automatically put into the backpack.
18. Fixed some possible bugs with making more items.
19. Fixed the bug where exiting and reentering midway through death would not return to the respawn point.
20. Fixed the bug that invincible when exiting and reentering halfway through death.
21. The mob spawning system will no longer be effective for players during death.

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